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Share your cultural agenda worldwide in less than 5 min.

By publishing their events on MALRO, cultural operators bring about a two-fold revolution: communication and ticketing — And impacts are gigantic!


Your events, your words, your ticketing choices embeddable everywhere by everyone for free. À la YouTube.

Your data open and standardized to invent freely new services and engage with new audiences.

What's MALRO?

For CULTURAL OPERATORS, it's a global, open and free platform for sharing their cultural agenda and where 5 minutes are enough to announce WORLDWIDE either a rockstar concert or a village fête. Because sharing an event on MALRO allows the ALL WORLD — while controlling content and ticketing gateways - to (re)use this data to share this event, invent new apps and services, and grow audiences.

For WEBSITE OWNERS, it's a widget for embedding a cultural event on a website as simply as embedding a YouTube video or a Tweet. Whether it's a blog or a gov-website, EVERYONE can embed an event (or a custom feed) for FREE to provide their readers with relevant cultural information.

For DEVELOPERS (GitHub), it's an open database of cultural events (downloadable and API-queryable), a data format that describes these events in a multilingual and standardized way, and open source tools.

For LOCAL AUTHORITIES, it's a win for territorial attractiveness through a decentralized events entry and a global and open availability.

For PUBLIC ultimately, MALRO wants to be for Arts and Culture what Wikipedia is for encyclopedia, or more precisely GTFS for Transport and Mobility. Nothing less than a revolution!

What Are The Problems MALRO Wants To Solve?


Nowadays, you can order a cab (or book a room) with your phone in seconds almost everywhere in the world, but can’t get a quick answer to such an easy question: “is there, this evening and 10 km around, a play accessible to the deaf, and free?”. That’s not understandable.

Time And Money To Create Culture, Not To Copy-Paste Agendas

Cultural operators spend A LOT of time sending their agendas to media and filling forms to list their events in some closed and not so well-known platforms. At the same time, media manually type these cultural calendars into their own Content Management System. Both are a time consuming, error prone, low value-added and never ending task to get nor an exhaustive nor an accurate listing. What a mess.

NO Standard + NO Open Data = NO Innovation

Before 2005, there were no transit routes in Google Maps and other mobility apps, and no innovation in riders experience. At this time, it was missing (i) a data specification that allows transit agencies to publish their data in an interoperable format and (ii) transit operators open data. Since the invention of GTFS, an array of services has appeared for the greatest good. MALRO is the same move for Arts and Culture.

Ticket Fees Must Fund Culture, Not Middlemen

Proprietary ticketing plateforms are complex middlemen and often a crossing point for public because they aggregate a large part of cultural events. cultural operators must regain control of their ticketing gateway and customer journey while communicating their events simply, quickly and broadly.

A WIDGET to embed an event (or a custom feed). À la YouTube

Try an example or type a SQLite query (read the Docs).

You're a public authority or a cultural operator and need help to create a custom feed and embed it on a website? Send an email at (FR/EN).